ColgaFC World cup at Kilcornan

Hi all,

I am becoming a frequent visitor to the pitch at Kilcornan , as that’s where my eldest son trains with ColgaFC. I was there again last Saturday, as ColgaFC had their yearly World Cup competition. On my way to the pitch it was absolutely lashing and wasn’t really looking forward to get drenched, but by the time I arrived at the pitch, it was all sunny!

Below some impressions

ColgaFC World cup Kilcolgan
Welcome Sign to ColgaFC World Cup Kilcornan



Alex, wearing the blue socks
Hiding under umbrellas
The weather was very changeable, and all of sudden the sky turned grey , and we all huddled underneath umbrellas
Improvised shop, but trade was very brisk! Who doesn’t like a nice treat with their coffee or tea!
Rueben with the long sleeved red/white top
The Red Wagon, serving hot dogs, & Drinks
Little Red Wagon
The long queue for the BBQ
The long queue for the BBQ
BBQ Colgafc
It was worth the wait, the Cheese burgers with onions were absolutely yummie

The boys didn’t make it to the  final, and there were some tears 🙁 but it was a very well organized family event by ColgaFC, and all credit must go to all the volunteers who coach the youngsters and to the committee for  organizing the event.  Thank you!!

If you have Under 8’s who are interested to play football during the summer, there is a 5 a side session they can attend, see more info below with contact details or check out the FAI Summer Soccer camp.


The boys never went to bed so easily 🙂


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