Exploring Gort’s mini-greenway

Hello all,

Did you know Gort has its very own greenway ? A friend of mine mentioned there is a safe way to cycle from Gort to Coole Park. This was totally new to me, and until then I had never known about it. So I set out to find out. I have called it Gort’s mini – greenway! Greenways are ever so popular these days, so I am hoping the title of this blog post will trigger enough curiosity for people to explore it. It’s mini, as it’s not very long, but it IS there, ready to be explored. So where is this mini – greenway???

Karen and myself setting out for our cycle

Start of our trip

We met up at the Supervalue’s Carpark in Gort ( hello Karen!!), so we could easily unload our bikes.

We then headed for the roundabout , taking the slip road L85311, which runs parallel with the motorway.

Image of the L85311 exit
Taking the exit L85311

There is a bit of bend in the road, and a steep descent. You’ll feel your bike picking up speed!

coming down the road

Karen going down the hill, the view is amazing.

view coming down the hill

The road then gets a bit bumpy and narrow and when you come to the end of the road, you take a right.. ( Taking a left isn’t really an option, as there is a fence).

As you take the right, you are on a gravel road, with fences on both sides.

gravel road Gort's mini-greenway

Image of Gort's mini-greenway


Apart from a tractor, we didn’t come across any traffic.

tractor on Gort's mini-greenway


At the end of the straight stretch,  there is another bend, and then you come to a fork, you take a right.

As you cycle along you’ll pass a few houses and a ruin of an old house, it would be interesting to find out what this building once was. As you look at the ruin, you can see the bridge over the motorway to your right.

image of an old ruin on Gort's mini-greenway

overlooking the bridge over the motorway

You are now on the road/avenue that leads to … Coole Park. You’ll see the new bridge over the motorway on your right.

straight ahead for coole park, bridge behind you

Now all you need to do is cycle/walk to Coole Park. Head for the Tea rooms, I hear they are serving coffee/tea/cakes and lots of other goodies. Check out their Facebook page to their latest menu.

This Cycle/walk is just over 4 kms. from Gort to Coole Park.

Next time I’ll show you how this route connects with the Golden Mile in Gort…

Happy cycling!



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  • Kathleen thank you for reminding me of this road. I waked it last year although it was then not official it seems. I look forward to hearing about the connection to the Golden Mile!

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