Shopping for the best insurance deal in Ireland?

Hi all,
It’s been a while since my last post, between holidays, work and family time , I just haven’t had a moment!
I’ll keep posting bits and pieces that are good to know!
A few weeks ago, I received my renewal documents from my broker for my car insurance, being 335 Euros. When I didn’t renew, I received a phone call, and in that phonecall, when I asked if that was the best they could do, they knocked off a few Euros, so I was down to 315 Euros.
I have been using this broker for many years now, as they do the shopping and comparing for me, and saves me ringing around the various insurers.
And then I thought, let’s shop around with other brokers, and see if I can bring it down even more.
I contacted following companies by going to their websitses and obtain quotes.
All their quotes were higher, with the exception of, who offered, after adding my husband as a named driver, a rate of 292.5 Euros. I then called and they nearly matched it, being 295 Euros.

I’ll have to do the same exercise for our house insurance, stay tuned!


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