Where to find accommodation in the West of Ireland, auctioneering sites,newspapers

Hi all,

I am enclosing a list of auctioneers( Real Estate Agents)(primarily) in the West of Ireland.

There is one particular site which is not on the below list, which is called DAFT , which stands for Dublin Accommodation Finder Terminal – it used to be solely restricted to Dublin properties, but  has long since been rolled out nationally and is a great place to get an idea on pricing and availability.
Many of the below agents will push their properties to rent(let) or buy to Daft as well.
If it’s West you are thinking of heading, I’d recommend you check a local free paper that comes out every Thursday which is called the Advertiser
To get more info on moving to the West of Ireland, please check out this website 
The main paper  is the Galway Advertiser classified property section, but there is also an Advertiser in 
MayoMullingar and Athlone
I remember when we moved from Dublin to Galway, we found our house via the Advertiser:)

Happy Househunting!


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