The Last Islandman – The Blasket Islands/ The Great Blasket

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I have never been to the Blasket Islands, but visited the visitor center a few times. It’s one that made a big impression on me, as it tells the story of how people lived  on the Blasket Islands, in very harsh conditions, and how eventually they all had to move off the Island, due to the rough weather and difficulties to get medical help to and from the Island.
I’ll just never forget he pictures I saw !Some of the Blasket Islanders moved to the USA, there was a picture of them in front of their cottage versus a picture of their house in the USA, all sunny and a swimming pool in the background. … stark contrasts!!
There are quite a few Irish writers that came from the Island, one particular one  called Tomas O’Crohan wrote a book called “Island Man”, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 
You can read more about Tom O’Crohan here.

The article I found in the Telegraph highlights the yearning of one man, who was born on the Island, moved to the USA, but wanted to go back.
Some amazing landscape and some beautiful music. Glad he made it back.

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