Stay Active & Proposed Red Route 5 Cycleway

Stay Active 

With another lockdown confirmed late in December, I decided on January 1st to do #100DaysofCycling and #100DaysOfWalking to stay active! I am at  #Day31 today, and walked part of the #GortRiverWalk – It was bitterly cold! So far I haven’t missed a day! Join the Gort Cycle Trails Group on FB, Twitter or Instagram to see my daily posts! On the 25th of January, there was an announcement about a proposed Red Route 5 Cycleway – Read on to find out more!

#day31 of staying active

                                                                                       Visit to #GortRiverWalk on #Day31 of staying active

Shortly after starting, I Joined the Galway Sports Partnership Initiative to #KeepWell and #StayActive and exercise 100 km in 6 weeks. I am heading up the Gort/Peterswell Group with about 30 of us, and we stay in touch via Whatsapp. I really wish we could meet as there are still so many places I’d like to explore with people that know their neighbourhood. I made this video at the start! 

There are some very active members who have clocked up over 300 km in 3 weeks!! It’s on days like this if someone posts a picture that motivates you to get out.. Once you are out, you glad you did .. just getting out of that warm bed/house can be challenging.. You can still join here – there are a few taster sessions coming up for Tai Chi, Yoga, Mindfulness, healthy eating. I had not bought into the “Exercise-via-Zoom” in previous lockdowns, so I was rather pleased taking part in taster sessions of Yoga and Tai Chi. Yes, I would recommend it and think of taking up Tai Chi.

Gort’s Mini- Greenway & Proposed Red Route 5 Cycle Way  

Gort’s Mini-Greenway

About 2 years ago, I wrote an article about a newly discovered route I called the Gort’s Mini-Greenway, connecting Gort Town to Coole Park via a safe Cycle /Walking route. Since that Cycle, I have done a lot more exploring, and have started to document a number of cycle Trails and loops and set up a Facebook Group called Gort Cycle trails – come and say hello.

Red Route 5 Cycle Way

On the 25th of January, the 5 proposed routes for the Greenway from Galway to Athlone were announced, below is a map of the Red Route 5 Cycle.

Image of Red Route 5 aka South Corridor
Image of Proposed Red route 5 Cycleway

A few of us got together and set up a Facebook Group called Red Route Cycle Way to create awareness with the local population, community groups and request feedback via the on-line form. You can also set up a call with the project office for a virtual call, and ask any questions you may have.

Check out this video by Councillor PJ Murphy who has done trojan work with the Kilchreest/CastleDaly Community Develop who brought the proposal to the Project team! Thanks for sharing this fantastic video!

David Murray wrote a very interesting,  in-depth article about what a  Greenway is and what it can mean to a local, rural economy, check out the article hereI particularly love this image!

Image of Route 5

Route Map  Interactive Map On-Line Submissions Red Route Cycleway Facebook Group  Want to get involved? Email


Let’s bring the Greenway to South Galway to connect the whole region and visitors will be awed by what the region has to offer! 


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